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About us

Liberty Academic Publisher of Books


Who We Are?

Liberty Publisher is publishing researches, monographs, textbooks, handbooks, prefessional and open access books which have transformative impact across scientific disciplines the  for academics, professionals and librarians. We offer authors and readers the very best in academic content whilst also supporting the community with innovative new formats and tools. Our publishing covers every educational subject seriously studied – with professional books, textbooks, monographs, reference works.

With offices in Europe, Asia and Africa, and sales teams across 25 countries, we have a global reach. 

Our mission has much in common with the leading science societies across the world, we want to advance research, education and awareness in the areas we publish in.  Our editors work directly with a number of leading scientists in developing books that meet these needs.

We also publish proceedings, as well as book series dedicated to specific areas of interest.  Liberty Publisher is a member of the Publishers International Linking Association (CrossRef), American Booksellers Association, Academy of International Business and the International Economics Association

We provide high-quality resources and services that promote critical thinking, innovation and creativity.

Why Publish with Liberty Publisher?

We offer authors sophisticated and global marketing and distribution alongside an attentive and personal editorial experience.

From award-winning research to major reference works, our experienced team of editors in London, New York, Singapore, Johannesburg, Beirut and Istanbul will work closely with you on a plan tailored to suit your work. 

What you can expect from us:

--Editorial Excellence – independent academic publishing. New authors will join a rich publishing heritage, impactful program of research, and a stable of top-notch academic authors.
--Commitment to quality and peer review

-- Above all, we care deeply about the quality of our publishing. Rigorous peer review is vital to this. We will support you with a thorough but fast and responsive peer review process

Open access


--We are also pleased to offer authors the option to publish their books and chapters Open Access. You can download our comprehensive guide to publishing open access books and chapters.
Innovative tools and platforms - We are always thinking about how best to support our authors as publishing incentives, platforms and formats continue to change. Liberty's eBook platform, allows us to make all our books accessible on any device, track impact through usage statistics, and give authors the tools to make the best of their research.
--Engaged approach to academia - Liberty offers strategic support to early career researchers and mid-career scholars, as well as targeted campaigns in support of key disciplines.



Publishing with Liberty Academic Publisher means that you can rely on our small and devoted editorial team, who will assist you during the production process of your publication. Every publication is different and therefore we provide a number of additional services to customise your publication according to your needs. In addition, our marketing department will make sure that your publication is promoted through various international platforms.

Production process

  • Review: book proposals are evaluated by two independent reviewers on relevance, comprehensiveness and scientific soundness.

  • Editorial guidance: our team will guide you through the entire publication process, including helping you plan your project and providing guidelines for writing your manuscript.

  • Desk-editing: your manuscript is formatted according to a consistent style and is checked for coherence and completeness by one of our desk-editors.

  • Desktop publishing (DTP): the lay-out of your publication, including figures, illustrations and tables, is taken care of by our in-house DTP department.

  • Cover design: based on your input, our professional DTP team will design a suitable cover for your book.

  • Proofreading: in the final stages your manuscript will undergo a check-up by one of our editors.

  • Galley proof: an electronic proof is prepared and sent to the author/editor for a final check.

  • Index: in co-operation with the author/editor a relevant index will be generated.

  • E-book: our DTP department will prepare the electronic format of your book.

  • Stay informed: we will keep you informed on and involved in the progress of your publication throughout the process.

  • Partnering With Us

  • We can make our books available to your members at a discount by providing you with an exclusive member discount code.  This is a great benefit to your members which will help you attract, engage and retain your membership base. If you are planning an event or considering providing a value-add to your most prominent members, we can work with you on co-branded and customized book opportunities. 

  • Furthermore, by partnering with us, we can offer you and your members special pricing and significant discounts on bulk orders, on co-branded or customized books for your members.  Other partnership opportunities are available as well depending on your group’s needs.

Books are an important part of our lives but many of local universities and schools still struggle to find recent research books to grow scientifically.  We help to enrich and improve peoples' lives in peripherial areas by donating our and our partners' books. Help us to donate more books .
We donate books to the libraries in India, Pakistan, Sub Saharan Region, Central Asia, Middle East.  We work with a wide variety of libraries including Academic, Public, and Special libraries.


LIBERTY PUBLISHER built partnerships with

Elsevier-Science Direct 


University of Arkansas

University of Maryland

University of Pretoria

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Saint Petersburg State University 

Far Eastern Federal University

University of Tübingen

Technical University of Berlin

Politechnika Poznanska

Fudan University

Better World Books

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