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Authors are kindly invited to submit on below mentioned dates, the chapter proposal of 1,000 to 2,000 words, clearly explaining the aims and contribution of their proposed chapter. Authors will be notified in 2 weeks about the status of their proposals. Full chapters are expected to be submitted by the deadline indicated below. 

Please consider the dates

1st TERM

April 1 -  30, 2024

Chapter submission deadline : April  30, 2024

Book publishing day: May 30, 2024

2nd TERM

June1- 30, 2024

Chapter submission deadline : June 30, 2024

Book publishing day: August 30, 2024

3rd TERM

September 1-  30, 2024

Chapter submission deadline : September 30, 2024

Book publishing day: October 15, 2024

4th TERM

November 1-  20, 2024

Chapter submission deadline : November 20, 2024

Book publishing day: December 15, 2024

Information on how to submit a book proposal, you can read our guide here.

Email the PROPOSAL, together with any supporting material, e.g. your CV or a sample chapter, to your contact in our editorial team. If you are not sure who to contact then email

Types of submission

- Manuscript / Textbook / Researh Series

- An edited collection derived from a conference

- PhD and Master's thesis for publication

- A book chapter to a Guest Edited collection 

*Liberty Publisher works with the global academic community to publish the high quality academic content, and deliver services to advance global learning and research.

We publish academic research-based books in Life Sciences and Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health Sciences.

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